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Expert Safety Professionals for Your Construction and Building Operations Needs who are Fully Vetted, Certified,
and Ready to Uphold Your Project’s Safety Standards Across the U.S.


Site Safety Management

Site Safety Management

Certified and Licensed Professionals with a minimum of 5 years construction safety industry experience.

We pride ourselves in employing the most qualified Site Safety Managers. We work proactively to eliminate workplace accidents and losses. We have the most qualified inspectors in the industry with the expertise to minimize hazards throughout the duration of construction. So you can focus on your development vision while we focus on your site’s safety.

Facilities Maintenance and Management

Facilities and Maintenance Management

Servicing the facilities, maintenance, and property management industries across the United States.

Our Facilities Recruiters focus specifically on the hard to fill industrial sector of facilities management within a variety of industries such as manufacturing, commercial real estate properties, university and hospital facilities, and the like:

Marine and Shipbuilding

Marine & Shipbuilding

Our Marine & Shipbuilding foundation is based on internal leadership with a background in Maintenance and Aviation Operations in the US Navy.

We know what kind of employees you need to keep your operation steaming full speed ahead.  Our commitment to our Marine & Shipbuilding Clients is to find the right person for the right job and RSC leverages our years of experience underway to ensure we provide you with the absolute best and brightest.

Construction Subcontractor Support and Construction Management

Construction Subcontractor Support and Construction Management

Our Construction Subcontractor recruiters focus on office and field management, supervision, safety, and skilled labor involved in building construction and renovation.

Our General Contractor and Construction Management recruiters focus on project managers and field management, supervision, and safety involved in building construction of superstructures, distribution hubs, Hospitality, health care projects, and multi-use developments. All Candidates are highly experienced and are from a multitude of disciplines.

Here are the typical General Contractor and Construction Management jobs we recruit:

Energy, Utilities, and Skilled Trades Support

Energy, Utilities, and Skilled Trades Support

The Energy, Utilities, and Skilled Trades industry includes the specialized skills that assist in producing and selling energy. These services are the spark that lights up our communities.

Change is the only constant in the energy industry, and an experienced energy recruitment firm with experience in renewable energy can help you find the talent you need for your team. Recruiters focused on renewable energy can not only find these candidates, who often aren’t active in the job market and need to be contacted directly but can also help your company clarify your job requirements to drive your business growth.

Safety is Our Business

We place highly-skilled resources who are vetted, trained, and certified in safety standards. With our expertise in the construction site safety and staffing industry, we pledge our commitment to providing certified professionals adhering to local codes and ordinances.

About Us

The Best Talent for your Teams and Projects

Let RSC Energy find the talent you need for your internal teams and projects. Our experts are up-to-speed on the latest technologies, resources, tools, and systems. Our team of senior recruiters will quickly find someone who will hit the ground running from day one. We employ a rigorous four-tier screening methodology, which includes interviews, written tests, phone evaluations, and skill reviews.

What sets us apart is our meticulously curated database of highly qualified skilled workers, coupled with our adept management of contract workforces and project teams. We harness cutting-edge geolocation technology and advanced tools to precisely meet your project requirements.

A Flexible Approach

We are committed to providing you with the qualified experts you need, however you need them.

Our bread & butter is building dedicated crews for any stage of your project.

Let us do the heavy lifting

We take on the employment costs, allowing your Company the flexibility to scale up and down based on need.

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